Intellection is as much about the people driving the product forward, as the product itself. We are able to draw upon a wide range of skills to deliver a robust, innovative offering.



Jan Hofmeyr 

Jan is the developer or co-developer of measurement systems for marketing research including: The Conversion Model (tm), Brand Value Creator, Connections and True Customer View. His market research specialities lie in the psychology of commitment and conversion, and guides Intellection in the encapsulation and automation of intellectual property.

Dave Birch 

Dave is a free thinking technologist and serial entrepreneur who regularly has ideas that are generally thought impossible to do, and then gets his hands dirty doing them. With a background in managing mission critical financial platforms, market research is a new field with fresh new challenges to tackle. 

Justin Hofmeyr 

Justin is a self-proclaimed dataphile who is more interested in numbers being accurate than in graphs looking pretty.  He has a degree in Information Systems, and prior to starting Intellection Software with Dave and Jannie, he was working as a Business Intelligence consultant in London.  Rumours that the business was formed to "shut Jannie up" about the quality of existing Market Research software are almost certainly false - although it was a welcome side-effect.

Brendon McLean 

Brendon is a technologist at heart.  Formerly trained as an engineer because a vocational guidance counsellor told him there was no money in software, he finished his degree and has been creating software ever since.  His career has taken him from working in a startup, to writing financial trading systems, to creating his own software products.  He's now heading up software development at Intellection Software.  

Donovan Kennedy 

Donovan was half way through a degree in marketing when his love of technology got the better of him and he switched to Information Systems.  His focus on design, aesthetics and brand have found him creating the visual identities of several high-profile web sites.  The irony of his return the marketing arena has not been lost on him.  Donovan is now in charge of design at Intellection Software.