Save time, cut costs

Advanced market research is teamwork; requiring people to load data, people to do advanced modelling, people to create charts and presentation, and guidance from product experts. At the heart of this workflow is the market researcher who is responsible for driving the process from data loading to client delivery. This specialisation is a necessary as market researchers cannot be expected to be SPSS experts, statistics experts or graphic designers. This workflow is cumbersome, expensive and reduces competitiveness for the following reasons:

  • Automation within teams - Each team uses the best tool for the job, but they’re different tools, preventing automation across teams.
  • Aggregate data - Modelling often produces aggregate data, which is fine if you ask the right questions first time, but expensive if you don’t.
  • Team priorities - Teams have different priorities and are often in different locations or timezones. One person’s top priority is on someone else’s todo list.





Insight Out re-organises the workflow to put researcher back in control. The platform helps put the researcher in the centre by:

  • Eliminating round trips - Embedding custom modelling, custom charts and expert knowledge into the platform keeps the flow in the researcher’s hands.
  • Keeping everything respondent-level - Our proprietary cube engine, Quattro, is designed from the ground-up to deal with survey data. Because everything is respondent level, data can filtered and modelling adjusted in real time without waiting for other teams to rework their calculations.