Create better research

Market research has evolved beyond answering the simple questions like “How well am I doing?” to greater value questions like “What can I change to do better?”.  Statistical methods can simulate products, understand the drivers behind a change in sentiment, or segment customers for targeted communications and product development.  But this modelling often comes at a price:
  • Round-trips with specialists - Advanced modelling often requires that data move back and forth between researchers and statasticians.
  • Time and cost - Round-trips between teams compromise turnaround times and eat into margins.
  • Training - Junior researchers can have trouble understanding the results.




Insight Out deals with these issue by:

  • Embedding your modelling - Embedding your modelling in the platform eliminates round-trips.
  • Embedding expert insight - Our textual analysis engine, SmartText, allows your experts to embed data-driven insights along side the modelling, making sophisticated analyses accessible to both your junior researchers and your clients.
  • The web advantage - The platform takes advantage of the latest web technology, enriching visual models with data-driven tooltips, animation and user-driven interactivity.