Automate your team

Modern market research studies have become more complicated as they seek to answer more complex questions.  This research may require specialised statistical modelling, guidance from experts and specialised charting.  Tools exist for making each of these aspects more efficient, but they suffer from the following problems:

  • Inefficiencies between teams - Different teams within an organisation use different tools, have different priorities and may be in different offices and locations.
  • Inadequate automation - Efficiency gains are lost as data moves between people, between formats and between systems.
  • Round-trips - Statistical modelling often produces aggregate data, resulting in expensive round-trips between teams doing the research, the statistics and the charting.
Intellection aims to put the researcher back in the heart of the research workflow.  The platform makes all aspects of research production accessible, including:
  • Simple data loading - Upload and setup survey data in minutes.
  • Embedding custom statistical modelling - Adding modelling to the platform keeps the workflow with the researcher and eliminates round-trips.
  • Capturing expert knowledge - Expert data-driven analyses can be embedded into the platform making sophisticated methods accessible to junior researchers.
  • Beautiful charting - Charts, tables and dashboards are interactive, uncluttered, insightful and can be exported to Excel, Powerpoint, PDF and client portals at the click of a button.