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    Insight Out wins MRS/ASC Award for Technology Effectiveness

    Intellection Software's Insight Out platform has won the 2014 MRS/ASC Award for Technology Effectiveness

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    The Next Generation Market Research Platform

    Insight Out is the platform for creating, managing and delivering premium market research. Built on top of the blazingly fast Quattro data engine, Insight Out delivers rapid real-time reports through a web based interface, enhanced with rich automated analysis and engaging interactivites.

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    Intellection Software Wins Bravery Award

    We are pleased to announce that Dave Birch has been honoured with the 2014 Badge of Courage at the Ginny Valentine awards at IIeX North America

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    Insight Out delivers The Commitment Economy

    Leading market research firm TNS chose Insight Out as the platform to deliver The Commitment Economy, a global study spanning 17 countries and 8 categories
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    ZappiStore delivering automated research with
    Insight Out

    ZappiStore, pioneers in delivering true automated end-to-end market research, use Insight Out to deliver rapid results to online customers.

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Intellection Software are the creators of Insight Out, the next generation market research platform

As the field has evolved to answer more complex questions, the workflow for answering these questions has become more complicated. Intellection delivers the only platform which allows these disparate teams to automate their workflow into one system, improving the quality of your research, cutting costs and reducing turn around times.


Features & Benefits

Automate your team

Insight Out is the only platform that provides automation across the teams which produce modern market research.  

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Built for research

Insight Out is designed from the ground up for the market researcher by automating common workflows indentified in the industry.

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Create better research

By allowing your statisticians and research experts to embed their knowledge inside the platform, you can start finding answers as quickly as you can ask the questions.

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Data in, insight out

Load data from SPSS, SAS and TripleS.  Publish to Excel, Powerpoint, PDF reports, dashboards or online client portals.

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Save time, cut costs

Our Quattro data engine keeps everything at respondent-level, meaning no round-trips between teams and keeping the control of the workflow in the hands of the market researcher.
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Tell the story, beautifully

Let your information tell the story using Insight Out's rich built-in charts. Or use custom-designed, beautiful infographics to differentiate your brand.

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